Whether you're needing a repair, a replacement, or an addition, I would love to help you! 

Ship to:

Stamped and Finch,160 Dellwood Drive, Greenville, SC 29609

I recommend shipping it to me with tracking to ensure delivery. S&F is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit.


 Please place necklace or bracelet on postcard/notecard with two cuts in the corners and one piece of tape on the back. Place card inside a bubble envelope. Recycled materials you've already received in the mail: gutter ad post card/amazon package etc, you know the ones : ) work perfectly! Pop over to my instagram highlight labeled REPAIRS for a video explanation! I have seen many damaged and lost pieces shipped in a regular envelope with a stamp. I am happy to send you a shipping label if that is helpful and can include the cost in your final invoice.

Please include a note with the following:

-Name & Email

-Return Address

-Addition or Repair Request details

-Chain length

-Original Purchase Date

*be sure to include ALL components of your S&F piece in your package!

Cost Estimates:

Repair: $6, Chain Replacement: $18-$26 depending on the length.

All repairs/ replacements are fully covered and complimentary within 60 days of purchase.

You will receive an email invoice once your piece is completed and ready to ship back to you!