Beauty List

*in my skincare era*, if you will.

These are skincare and makeup items that I use daily and adore.


Eye Cream: holy grail, will forever use!

Tatcha Oil Cleanser: hooked, a bit pricey for cleanser but lasts min 6 months

Tretinoin Rx from biggest game changer in my skin. miracle worker.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream: super affordable and super moisturizing

Cetaphil SPF: wear under my makeup everyday

Versed Retinol Lotion: arms, legs, feet, hands, neck all the places! any extra retinol please

Versed Toner: extra cleanser and makes me feel so fresh!

Nourish Max Vit C Serum: use this every other day for brightness!



IT CC Cream : blends and smooths everything, repuchased this like 10 times now

Best Brush Ever: this is magic. It spreads cc cream so smoothly 

Fiera Concealer: ok, this is new to my routine but I LOVE. no creasing, super smooth and great coverage. just need a dot.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer : best neutral shade, gives that summer glow always

Bare Minerals Blush : neutral pink, feminine and rosey color, love me some blush

Milani Highlighter: a rosey highlighter that gives a good shine

Eyebrow: for someone with essentially no eyebrows, I don't leave the house without this

Ilia Mascara: all time fav, its tubing and makes my lashes look so long and thick with just one coat

Maison Loise No. 4: asked almost daily when I'm out and about what scent I'm wearing, its perfection.




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