Whether it is asking your favorite girls to be a part of your big day or gifting them something to wear the day of your wedding- I hope these ideas spark some ideas to celebrate your bridesmaids well. They'll come beautifully packaged and ready to go, making it an easy yet intentional way to cross this off your list!


Matching hoops look really lovely for wedding day pictures and are something your bridesmaids will absolutely wear again and again.

Layering Necklaces

To keep things minimal and fit everyone's style, necklaces like the Alexis set, Lisa necklace, and Millie necklace are perfect options. These will add just a little bit of shine, can layer with their own unique pieces, and can be confident they'll wear these over and over!

Floral Necklaces

These can be lovely in multiple ways. Maybe it represents a flower in your bouquet, maybe a flower that has significant meaning, or maybe the flower of the month you met each bridesmaid.

Hidden Necklace

like a sweet little love note. Maybe coordinates where you met, a verse that you've prayed over them, or a word that describes what their friendship means to you. These are timeless and elegant pieces that are always a fun and really personal piece.

Ring Sizer/ Ring Stack

Include a ring sizer when you ask your girls to be your bridesmaids and then surprise them with a ring stack on your wedding day. A set of thin stacking rings, a beaded ring, or a stamped ring with a custom word for each bridesmaid.


Rosie, BeccaAnn, Sawyer, or Eloise Necklace:

These are all minimalist choices that are perfect for a simple initial or a short word that describes your friendship or your favorite characteristic about each bridesmaid.

Matching Bracelets

Think elevated friendship bracelets. These will look lovely with the bouquet pictures and will always remind your bridesmaids of yall's sweet connection. Maybe a simple chain like the Rory or Maisie or go for a customized one like the Raegan bracelet that includes a word that describes what they mean to you!


If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them and see what we can do come up with together!