Magnolias are traditionally given as a gift to say "you are worthy." They also represent gentleness, femininity, and purity. Magnolias are thought to be one of the first flowering plants to exist on Earth and are known for their stability, perseverance, and grace through the ever changing ages.


Echinacea flowers are known for the strength and health giving qualities. They have longer blooming seasons than most flowers and have been used for decades as a form herbal health. The Echinacea Necklace makes a lovely gift for someone who needs a sweet reminder of their strength in a tough season.

Baby’s Breath 

Baby's breath is symbol of everything that is nice, kind, genuinely honest and loving. It represents dedicated and enduring love. This small flower represents a hope and celebration for new life seasons


Sunflowers are a symbol of unconditional love and unwavering faith. Sunflowers follow the sun as it moves across the sky and are a sweet reminder to keep growing and turning towards the Light.


The Peony flower is a lovely symbol of beauty and grace. It celebrates individual uniqueness and relationships that overflow with peace.


Junipers represent unconditional love and protection. 

Carnation (large and mini)

January/ According to legend, carnations sprang forth from each spot where Mary’s tears dropped to the earth as she wept at the death of her son Jesus. This flower sweetly represents the depths of a mother’s love, her prayers, her memories, and her endurance.

Violet (large and mini)

 February/ Violets represent growth, expansion and peace. They are a precious declaration of mental clarity and spiritual wisdom.

Daffodil (large and mini)

March / Daffodils are one of the first blooming flowers each spring and are a marking symbol for newness and change to come.

Daisy (large and mini)

April/ Daisies are an image of bright sunshine beaming through the clouds. They are commonly gifted to new mothers, welcoming new children and celebrating child likeness and innocence.

Lily of the Valley

May/ This fragrant flower symbolizes a return to hope, joy, and happiness after a season of sadness or loss.


May/ These lovely flowers represent protection and strong love. They also commonly symbolize hope and fertility. 

Rose (large and mini)

June/ Roses tell a lovely story of overcoming difficulties resulting in inner peace and joy, aka the thorns leading to the gorgeous blooms and sweet fragrance. They are often gifted to express feelings of adoration, gratitude, and friendship.

Water lily/ Lotus

July/ These flowers are a symbol of abundance. They represent a season of beauty from chaos and often seen as an honored flower with deep healing and health properties.


August/ These cheerful blooms represent faithfulness and strength of character. Their tall spikey blooms are said to show their recipient you are “pierced with love” for them.


August/ A true wildflower, the poppy flower is a sweet symbol of remembrance and peace. It is often used as an honor for fallen soldiers. 

Morning Glory (large and mini)

September/ Morning glory flowers awaken each morning with the sunrise and rest each night with the sunset. They celebrate the beauty of life and the resilience to thrive in challenging seasons while resting as a part of its rhythms.

Marigold (large and mini)

October/ Marigolds are a really lovely flower encompassing both grief and loss and the beauty and life from the rising sun. They acknowledge the deep sadness of a hard season, while simultaneously reminding us of the light and hope to come. 

Chrysanthemum (large and mini)

Nov/ These pretty flowers are a sweet reminder of deep friendships and well being. Each bloom is made up of hundreds of individual flowers that can each produce seed and grow and multiply. Chrysanthemums celebrate how precious friendships can increase the fruitfulness in your life.


December/ Narcissus flowers represent comfort and a reminder that winter doesn’t last forever, spring will come.


Dec/ This flower is commonly gifted as a gift of hope and good luck, especially around the Christmas season.