These S&F styles are just the right amount of lovely to compliment your wedding dress on your big day! They're dainty and timeless so you will love your choice for years to come. And bonus, you'll be able to add these pieces to your everyday jewelry collection to keep a piece of your special day with you always!


Heirloom Necklace


This lovely style was designed specifically with the intent of it being passed down through generations. What a better way to first wear it than your wedding day? Your new last name initial goes *perfectly* in the center!

Ring or Ring Stack

A custom stamped ring looks so lovely and adds *just* the right amount of personality to your hands to perfectly compliment your wedding ring. Customization ideas: your wedding date in roman numerals, your groom's initials, or your new last name

Clara Hoops

I really love all the S&F hoops, but the Claras just have something extra elegant and elevated about them. They'll add a little shine to your look while keeping it timeless and minimal.


RoryAnn Bracelet

She's dainty and the perfect compliment to your bouquet pictures! Great for your new last name initial, your groom's name, or your wedding date in roman numerals. Bonus points for your groom if he picks a sweet word that describes you or your relationship! 


Margo Pearl Necklace

This timeless pearl just shouts bride to me. The gorgeous pearl will be sure to compliment your rehearsal or wedding dress effortlessly!

 Hidden Necklace

A great way to wear a custom piece but keep the minimal style with your customization hidden.