Stamped & Finch

Eloise Necklace


The best things come in tiny packages! The Eloise is a dainty gold-filled tag necklace that is a unique shape and layers effortlessly as an everyday piece.


Font Options:

Large CAPS, Roman Numerals, and lowercase: up to four characters total.

Small CAPS: up to five characters single or double lines (10 total)

Symbol: heart, bumblebee, pine tree, "&", sparrow

-Tag is 1/2 inch in length and 14 karat gold filled.

All designs and pictures owned by Stamped and Finch, LLC.


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
My everyday staple!

I never take of this necklace! It has my families initials on it and makes me smile every day! It’s high quality and allows me to feel put together while raising small children! Haha

Love everything I get from Stamped and Finch!

Dainty but Mighty!

I have become very picky about what jewelry I wear and I have to say, NOTHING has topped my Eloise necklace. In 2019 my sister bought me it with the words “come rest” on it as I was entering my freshman year at a Bible school far away from home. It was a lovey reminder I wore everyday that was a huge help in the times when I was overwhelmed. Everyone always wanted to know what it said and I got to share the verse Matthew 11:28 with them. It is such a beautiful necklace and I wear it in the shower, to sleep and everywhere else. It’s so light and dainty I forget I am wearing it but still mighty that it’s never broken! I love Lindsay’s jewelry and can’t wait til I can get more!

Allie Jeffries
The Only Gift I’ll Give

I have bought so many of these necklaces over the years for Mother’s Day, birthdays, baby showers, and even for myself. Every time I see a friend I’ve gifted it to, they’re wearing the necklace YEARS later! They hold up in any situation without getting tangled or damaged. I can’t wait to continue gifting these!

Jo Benson
Best jewelry I own

I have worn this necklace every day and night for two years (the only time I actually took it off was when I had a dental x-ray done). I’m blown away how well it has held up - and I am not particularly easy on jewelry. The prices are extremely reasonable for the extraordinary quality of all of Lindsey’s pieces. Don’t even get me started on how beautiful her stamping designs are. I’m a lifer at this point. I’m not going back to any other kind of jewelry! Seriously so impressed!

Best gift!!

I got this necklace for one of my best friends. She lost a family member and I put their initials on the Eloise necklace. She told me she never takes it off and loves it so much. It’s a beautiful reminder to her of her loved one
10/10 necklace. Grateful that I could gift her this

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