Stamped & Finch

Blakely Set


Effortless layers you'll wear again and again. These two minimalist necklaces make the perfect pair without being over the top.

Olivia Necklace is a tiny oval (6 mm) and the BeccaAnn Necklace is a small circle (0.5 in)

14 Karat Gold Filled, non tarnish, hypoallergenic


Olivia: Customize up to one or two letters

BeccaAnn: Customize up to 5 characters on a single line or up to 10 characters if split between two lines. ( #s, uppercase letters, lowercase letters & punctuation including heart symbol) Please see stamping options in pictures. Customization can be initials, monogram, short word, coordinates, Sparrows,
Magnolia, Echinachea, Pine, or Rainbow.


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