Must Have Baby Registry Items


It’s not new news that I am obsessed with all things baby. I have a LOT of dear friends who are currently expecting and I thought I’d pull together my favorite baby items. I try to keep things pretty minimal around our home, but there’s a few things that I have just because I love them. None of this is sponsored, these are just things I love and find super helpful.

Ollie Swaddle: YOU NEED THIS. This swaddle is a miracle worker and would almost instantly help her calm down. I’m a big fan of this swaddle!

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit: This is really as magical as the name. Once we stopped swaddling, we transitioned to this and it’s glorious. We call it the marshmallow suit because it is just a big fluffy hug, but it puts her in sleep mode and I know she’s warm enough.

Crib: We love this Ikea crib and love it’s price tag even more. There’s not anything super special about this crib, but like the minimal design and it’s been great. We have a second ready for baby number two. Very budget friendly!

Mattress: We love this one and will order a second when it’s time. It is very firm, but still comfy and made of organic, clean goodness that I feel comfortable with her breathing. The waterproof cover is helpful, too.

Dockatot: We used this is this Moses basket around the house when she was teeny tiny and she slept in the dockatot for a while once she was out of the swaddle. We have a toddler version that I call her “raft” because it is so large that she sleeps in everynight still. I love it because when you travel its easy to bring her “bed” and it feels the same to her!

Monitor: We have this basic monitor and it’s great. It’s not wifi which is my preference for security reasons and has a pretty clear picture, It is easy to pack up and travel with too since it just plugs in and its ready to go.

Sound Machine: ONE, TWO, THREE : Yes, we have three of these bad boys! We have two in her room and the third is a great travel/ car option. Love that these are more of a deep white noise which is cozier to me.

PacknPlay: The only time we use this is as her crib when we travel, but it’s great for that!

Baby Wearing: Josh and I both love baby wearing. The Boba wrap and X that I have below work great for both Josh and I. The sling really only worked for me, but I think it was just a preference thing.

Boba Wrap: I love the Boba brand. It’s so soft and once you get the hang of tying it, it goes on pretty quickly and is super comfy to wear. For the first few months, I wore MH in this at least a couple times a day. It was a go-to during fussy times and always calmed her quickly. It’s great for going out places because they are so close to you and no one touches them :)

Boba X Carrier: Once MH was a little heavier, this one became my fav. It provides so much support and she can be on the front of back. It’s super quick and easy to pop it on too. When we are out, she naps in this often.

Ring Sing: This was great for the first 4-5 months around the house or out shopping. Super quick to pop on and MH had a little more freedom in it. Not super comfortable once they are a bit heavier since it is one shouldered though.

Bottles: We use Life Factory bottles and love them. I love that they are glass and we just pop them in the dishwasher to sanitize them daily. The sleeves really are a great bumper- we’ve dropped them a million times, but have only broken one. The caps fit the small and large bottles and you just order the different nipple sizes as they start to grow!

Pacifier: I love the Bibs pacis. It is what we started her on initially and she seems to love them, I think they are cute and they don’t leave a mark on her face.

Pacifier Clip: This wooden pacifier clip is a much loved accessory! I use it most often to clip it to a wrap or carrier while we are out and about.

Carseat: We’ve really liked the Maxi Cosi carseat. We just have one car seat, but have a base in each of our cars so it clicks in super easily. Great safety ratings and the entire cover comes off so you can wash it which is SO HELPFUL. It seems like it is still in brand new condition and we will definitely use it for baby #2. We currently have the larger version.

Running Stroller: If you run or walk a lot, I can’t recommend this stroller enough. The BOB is amazing: folds up easily and is such a smooth ride. I put MH in it at 4 months with towels around her for support and she loves it. I would highly recommend searching on FB marketplace for this because they’re always on there.

Moses Basket: I loved this for the first couple of months. It was so helpful to be able to put her inside on top of a table so she was out of reach of our dog.

Clothes: My 3 favs are Zara, H&M, and Jamie Kay. I’ve bought 90% of MH’s clothes from buy, sell, trade groups on FB or from thrift stores. They grow so quickly and it’s fun to mix and match things!

-High Chair// Ikea Chair & YeahBabyGoods footrest: loved how lightweight it was and easy to clean. The footrest is recommended by OT’s for proper eating position.

-Bath Tub// Puj: This tub easily fit in our kitchen sink and we used this until she could sit up, then we just popped her in the regular tub.

-Nose Frida// Yes, I know it sounds gross, but no snot actually gets sucked into your mouth (there’s a barrier) and when they’re tiny and can’t blow their nose, this is your best friend when they are congested.

-Bassinet// My dad saved my bassinet from when I was a baby (crazy!) so we used that, but this one looks simple enough. We kept her right next to our bed for a few months and this was super helpful!

 -Bouncer// This one is basic and not cute, but I always just threw a little muslin swaddle over it 😊 Some days this was such a life saver and super helpful while you’re trying to make dinner! 

 -Muslin Blankets // We still use these for all sorts of things. I love how thin & soft they are! They roll up really small so they’re great for popping taking on the go.

 -Diaper Bag// This backpack is what we still use. It’s cute, easy to wipe down, and has plenty of space for us!

-Onesies// These Burt’s Bees plain onesies were my favorite and she wore them all the time.

-Magnetic Cabinet Locks// If you don’t want your pots and pans on the floor of the kitchen every two seconds. We love these and they’re invisible!

-TakingCaraBabies Class: you will never hear the end of my praises for Cara and the newborn class! Highly recommend using her techniques from the very beginning! She’s developmentally appropriate and super nurturing!

-LoveEvery Subscription: Montessori style toy subscription box. High quality, very engaging, and wish we had started from the very beginning!


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